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today when the man with the c was president obama. with questions so tame and often complementary, he felt it needed addressing. >> i don't want people think i have a bunch of plants in here. >> whether by coincidence or design, the loudest opponents were outside. they got into plenty of other town halls and pennsylvania, arlen specter was practically playing referee. >> wait a minute, you want to leave? >> got is going to stand before you and to judge you and the rest of your family. >> many are having to defend allegations of what isctually in the plan. >> you're just not right. nobody is going to be written off because they have cancer. that is a vicious, malicious,
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untrue rumors. >> in st. louis, another day -- it is becoming a second campaign for obama. he finds himself once again drumming for support. >> i need your help knocking on doors, talking to neighbors, let's get this done. >> security continues to be a big concern. they are prepared to enforce order if necessary. demonstrators will have a signed waivers -- a sign waivers and will not be allowed to bring signs inside. a swastika was painted on the signed -- side of a congressman's office. >>local police were all notifie.
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we have what you need to know about the reform plan and go to it is another hot one out there. some storms could be moving in the cool things down a bit. doug hill is monitoring at all from the weather center. >> what you saw above the nation's capitol are helping keeping temperatures down a bit. it is hot and humid, bmeot the numbers we t saw yesterday. dole the upperan 8d s'90d ''s. e. feels pretty humid out th the heat index values are in the upper 80's at low or 90' s. --ndow lerow 90's.
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they have a lot of rain in them, and they could get closer to the metro area. it is possible those could approach the area a little bit later tonight. it is good news, because it will put an end to the excessive heat and humidity. an investigation into how metro train was allowed to leave the yard with to many cars as revealed an employee was using drugs. the green line train that left the station last month with 10 cars. the system can only accommodate trains with a maximum of eight cars. a worker tested positive for drugs. that person is now in rehab and is not drawing a salary. and ocean cy had to be evacuated for h hh levels of carbon monoxide. officials evacuated the hotel oo the boardwalk this mornin g. three people with symptoms of nge er sent to the hospitalnt with -- r
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observation. fire officials are looking for the source. new clues in the murder case of an acupuncturist in fairfax county. >> this is a significant development. what you're about to see, according to authorities, is video of what they say is a spot -- is a suspect and the vehicle he was traveling and. he literally pulled right up to the victim's home the day he was killed. there has been a big break in the murder of acupuncturist. fairfax county police have released picture and video of what they believe is a suspect and the vehicle he was traveling and just prior to the july 24 murder. it was a homicide that devastated a family and rattled a neighborhood. >> is really scary, because it was a pretty brutal crime from what we understand. we just want to make sure that whoever can do something like
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that is behind bars and not wandering around. >> the picture clearly shows a dark colored and kennedy -- infinity suv. it shows the very same vehicle pulling up to the victim's home. the suspect to get out of the in kennedy -- infinity. later that day, sources say that authorities found the doctor bestabid to death. people are grateful that these images could lead ton arrest. >> things like this that happen are a give. in a world with some much crime, where things like this happen, it is almost like a miracle. >> the victim's son told me that he is simply too upset, too angry to talk about a crime that police say was not random in nature.
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he wants the world to know that his mother was a good person. less than an hour ago, part of a plane that collided with a helicopter was pulled from the hudson river. divers did find a body inside of e water. one person is now still missing. first an affair, now the south carolina gov.'s accusations that he misused state money. >> buying a home is within your reach in the metro area. >> she changed people. >> remembering eunice kennedy shriver, and what she meant.
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to as the sister of president john f. kennedy, founder of the special olympics and mother of california first lady. she died this morning at the age of 88. we took a look at the life of one woman, and how she could affect sell many. >> it was important for this 15 year-old to write a condolence letter for a woman he never met. a woman who believed in him.
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>> thank you for starting the special olympics. have a wonderful life in heaven. >> she earned a special place in hards when she founded the special olympics in 1968. >> [unintelligible] >> realized early on that she did not have to serve as president to carry on the public service tradition in her family. >> you have taught us that what really counts is the courageous spirit and the generous heart. >> that is how shriver is being remembered. the work is now legacy. the 88-year-old suffered a series of strokes and di at cape cod hospital early tuesday morning. >> my mother has been, you know, a key leader in the field of mental retardation special needs, and and disabilities.
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>> in a statement released by her family, shriver is described with a number of superlatives, amazing. >> his youngest memory of his sister was as a young girl with a bound of passion to make a difference. south carolina gov. mark sanford says he was justified in using state planes for personal trips. the embattled governor said he leads a busy life and was trying to be a good father and a good governor. he used the state aircraft to attend his children's sporting events and to get the hair and dentist appointments. he has been under scrutiny after admitting he had a mistress and argentina. up next, how to buy and sell home. >> and doug is back with what will get a break from the heat.
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>> the heat was a factor today at redskins park. how about albert haynesworth? we had some fun with him today.
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hilda solis towards the district's facility. the secretary spoke about the education and training program which is designed for people ages 16-24. it offers more than 75 disciplines and 123 centers all across america. >> in the upcoming summit is getting so much attention that the obama administration is adding a second day. it will be held september 30 and october 1 because of the overwhelming interest. the summit will be held at the washington hotel and said of the department of transportation. recommendations for new driving laws could be made. people are still struggling in this economy, check out this video and atlanta. lookt this. it thousands of people lined up to get help saving their home.
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at one point, this line stretched through the parking garage. they brought the two were to atlanta to help homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payment. >> and if you're looking to buy a house, you may be surprised that the best place to buy is not necessarily places with the cheapest homes. a real-estate website ranked the places to buy. virginia beach top their list because of a steady stream of jobs, military bases, and homes selling for less than the asking price. san diego is expensive, but now more affordable because of foreclosures. austin texas, and madison, wisconsin. speaking of, if you are trying to sell a home, your and luck. d.c. tops that list.
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the median home values down, but it is up from the beginning of 2009. people are getting 2% less than they are asking. and this market, that is good. other cities are oklahoma city, boulder, colorado. there are slightly cooler temperatures today. >> is really hot and humid out there. we got a bit of a break today. for the rest of the league, we're talking 80's insteast of ' athunderstormar s ofs the metro area. eeyy ou s theare small barut hey downpours that are drifting to the east, southeast. w ong ut of pennsylvania, we o t yheom that has reigned in at righ t now. it mgeay t veryry close to the city of frederick. our storms can shows more than that, that stretch back farther
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to the north end of the west. there is a pretty healthy line all the way down to the southwest corridor. what we are seeing is the possibility that these lines will continue to hold together and affect parts of our viewing area late tonight. on the weatherbug, each index 88. as war, but not overwhelmingly warm. -- and that is war, but not overwhelming -- overwhelmingly warm. bethesda feels like 95 degrees. our official numbers on this tuesday, 93 and 74. the record for the state, 101 degrees set back in 1906. the temperatures are going the other way, not towards record levels. 90 still in frederick. a little cooler in areas without
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the rainfall. behind the lines of showers and storms, temperatures cool off nicely. it is not the late september feel that is so nice around here, i cannot wait until late september, the best weather of the year in the washington area. not quite there yet. there is the back edge of the front, somewhere in there. the dry, cool air is behind it. we will not get another punch of that dry air, but it will be just enough to break the heat. the front is only going so far to the south tomorrow. in our viewing area, isolated thunderstorms, not only tomorrow, but thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. it will be very comfortable out there. a tropical depression that could become tropical storm and up. it is not threatening land mass at this time.
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partly sunny, warm, but not terribly hot. if you see the forecast, it is straight through the weekend. >> we would like some of those showers to hit the redskins park. i will tell you what, right now is starting to cool off a little bit. it is not as bad as it was earlier when players were on the field. they are about 49 hours away from their first preseason game. they will not play albert hands worth -- haynesworth, and all eyes will be focused on jason campbell. he will go the first quarter may be the first half. it was a tumultuous off-season, but he has worked hard. he does not think he will be pressing at all. >> preseason is getting into the routine. you come out, played a high
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level, compete as hard as you can. there'll be many guys they're getting different wraps. there are guys just trying to improve and get their game better. the regular season, your ruling. it is definitely important. >> albert haynesworth spoke to the kids from ashburn. >> i have always known that he would do that and be in the position he is and now. he is in the right place at the right time. >> the national strike to make it nine wins in a row. there will be down in atlanta to play the braves. this is a pretty good run their on right now. everybody knows and appreciates it. but one of their best young prospects will have surgery on the elbow that has been sore for
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about a month now. he will be out at least a year. jordan zimmerman is said to be devastated. the play of the day comes from colorado, the cubs and rockies. the center fielder dexter fowler, straight back, he left the game with a bruised knee, but it willie mays-type catch. tiger woods will take tomorrow off, and his first round will be on thursday at the pga championship. today, when he met theedia, he wanted to talk about bridgestone and what happened on sunday. the tournament said he won, how he was put on the clock, and how it affected the play of patrick carrington. >> we were enjoying that battle. that is why patty feels the way he does and why i said what i
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said. we were having such a great battle going head-to-head like that. he got influence from outside. >> it was reported that tiger woods was fine for the comment that he made about the official john perrot more. he says he was not fined by the pga. he did not criticize anybody, but he did say that it changed the great battle they had at bridgestone. >> i hate to see tiger have to shell out $5,000. >> devastating. at both sides of the health- care aisle are rallying the troops. mike allen explains this latest move. >> to gunplay at this game. conservative groups weren't use of inspiring mobs. -- were accused of conspiring mobs to turn out and trash health care reform. democrats are urging supporters to show up to support reform.
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a fine idea. the staff is like, you do not not
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vu?x?z?z?zrrñziçñx one more quick cckck shows a couple of thunderstorms in the frederick county area. there are a couple of lines, and we will monitor them.
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